Saturday, January 30, 2010

Get strong and beautiful nails

To gain strong and beautiful nails it is necessary to understand how the nails work and how to solve the nail-problem you are having. If you want thicker, stronger nails, it’s going to take a little more maintenance but it will work! Okay, I don't know about you but nothing turns me off more than if the guy has longer nails than me, hahah...believe me!

Stronger nails: If your body does not get enough calcium (in milk products), your nails tend to become weak and brittle. Even if you do get enough calcium but your nails are still short and weak, it may be because that calcium doesn’t go through, in which case a lot of people have to take vitamins and calcium tablets which you can get in a pharmacy.

Nail hardeners (nail polish which hardens your nails): Helps prevent cracking, chipping, splitting and peeling. Make sure that your nails are clean before application. You should apply two to three coats and then you can apply your nail polish if you want. Nail hardeners should be used at least twice weekly, even if the polish or topcoat hasn’t chipped yet.

Cleaning your nails doesn’t have to take a long time. Simply ensure that they stay clean. When washing your hands, massage soap around your cuticles and nails. Then when moisturizing, add some to your cuticles and around your nails. Add five minutes to your daily beauty routine and use soapy warm water to soak your nails in. When this is complete you can use a soft nailbrush to scrub your nails. Same routine for toenails.

Nail hardener from Sally Hansen.

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