Thursday, July 8, 2010

Halloween yet?

Yeah, I know...tell me about it! Bad quality all the way!
But guess camera is in the house!:D Can't wait to start annoying my friends by snapping pictures 24/7. Muhehe.

As you can see I put spiderweb on my nails. Very easy and...perfect for halloween!

Few days ago I had other nail design but just doing it gives you so many ideas how your next nail design is going to be. Haha... Yea, this time it was my poor bronzing powder who was my model.'s an amazing bronzer! Recommend it strongly tho it doesn't stay on all day, it kinda wears off, if you get what I mean. But it is not at all expensive :)

My fav brush for the bronzer from body shop, the nails in the mirror how they look far away.

I acctuly want to try another bronzer that stays on through the day. If you do know about any, please let me know! P.s. there is no Mac where I live at the moment. Sad, I know :(


  1. youre so sweet! thanks for the comment and for following!

    im LOOVING the halloween nails! did you hand-draw those spiderwebs?!

    that sucks that theres no Mac where you live. at least you can still order online right?! =)

  2. Thank you!=) Yes, I hand-draw them^^ It looks quite hard but it's not, hehe.

    Yes, I am thinking about ordering online but not sure what kind to purcase but I will do some research, hehe :D

  3. so what can I do for my nail polish to chip off? It would be so much help. :)

  4. Sorry that I am so late answering, better than never, right?=)
    I think you mean that you want the nailpolish to stay on longer but not to chip off, hehe. I hate when that happens. I talk about that in my next post that I'll do right now ;)